Destination Cyprus – Attractions in Cyprus

Famagusta – the historical city

In Famagusta, Cyprus located, has many interesting attractions, which visitors can admire. The cultural and historical sights are very well known. The old town of Famagusta is one of the most amazing views in Cyprus. A wall surrounds it, which is about 4 kilometres long and about 18 meters high. There is even a very well hidden staircase that are observed by only a few visitors. Who climbs up these little stairs, can sit on the wall and enjoy a view of the Cyprus tourist attractions.

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On the other hand, many buildings of Famagusta are very modern.The sight of Salamis’s ruins and the historic city of Famagustaalsohidesmany surprises.In the City Museum, the tourists can learn for the numerous discoveries about the history of the city.In addition, visitors can enjoy in the numerous cafes and restaurants. Here are offered Cypriot or European dishes and the Turkish coffee is a very popular drink in the cafes.Other highlights that are located in Famagusta are the beautiful sandy beaches.

Who loves the nature; he should visit also the National Park CavoGkreko. It was formerly a temple of Aphrodite. Rock formations dominate the landscape and they are home to over 36 species of orchids.

Nicosia, capital of Cyprus

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus.The city has many interesting sights. Who goes on holiday to Cyprus, he must see them.

Divided city of Nicosia

In 1974, the city was divided. The divided city consists of north Nicosia, the Turkish part of Cyprus and the South Nikosa, the Greek part of Cyprus. Northern Nicosia is more introspective and quiet. South Nicosia, however, is lively and vivid. In the northern part are the Islamic and Turkish buildings.

The old town of Nicosia

Here you will find many historic buildings, craft shops and many small shops. There are also many dining establishments.

Archbishop’s Palace

The building has many elements of Venetian architectural style, in which the Icon Museum is housed. Here you can view a large collection of icons.

The Venetian fortress wall

It includes the fortress wall, which in the 16th Century was built. The wall surrounds the old town with a length of five kilometres.

St. John’s Cathedral

Near the archbishop palace is the Cathedral, which in the 17th Century was built. Inside you can find some treasures, including beautiful frescoes.

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